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Do All Record Players Need Speakers? The Ultimate List!

Something we get asked a lot is “do record players need speakers?” Although all record players need speakers to play music, there is a lot more you should know know before spending your money to avoid disappointment!

In this blog, we explain everything you need to know about speakers for record players.

So first things first…do all record players need speakers?


Yes, all record players need speakers to work but some come with speakers built-in. This means you don’t have to buy and connect your own speakers. Many modern record players have built-in speakers but almost all of them are sold at less than $300 as they tend to offer lower quality sound than standalone speakers.


Do I Need To Buy Speakers For My Record Player?

Whether you need speakers or just want to use better ones, you will need to know what speakers are compatible first (especially when buying a record player or speakers as a gift!)

This table is a full list of the most popular record players around and what speakers they are compatible with.


Brand Record Player Built-In Speakers? Can Connect To Speakers via RCA? Can Connect To Bluetooth Speakers?
Crosley Cruiser Plus Yes Yes Yes


What Type of Speakers Are Best For Vinyl Records?

– Active Studio Monitors


Does Speaker Quality Matter More Than Record Quality? –

– are vinyl records better quality than digital formats with poor speakers


What You NEED To Know Before Buying Speakers For A Record Player

If you’re still unsure about what speakers your record player needs, or want to know more before buying one, then don’t worry! We’ve put our most frequently asked questions below but feel free to comment with any questions not here and we’ll do our best to help!


Do Record Players Need A Special Type of Speaker?

You can connect any speaker to a record player as long as it has the same output connection type. The most common types of connection are RCA, Bluetooth and AUX which you will find in 99% of all record players you can buy today.

RCA: The most common speaker type for record players is RCA which has 2 plugs, a red and a white. They act as the left and right audio output, giving you stereo sound. Because it gives stereo sound, RCA offers the best quality listening experience compared to AUX which is mono and Bluetooth which can lose quality with weak signal strength.

Bluetooth/Wireless: Many modern record players now come with Bluetooth receivers, allowing you to connect Bluetooth speakers to play music wirelessly. Although many modern wireless speakers are of high quality, cheaper record players often come with low quality Bluetooth receivers, meaning the signal strength could be weak, resulting in a lower quality sound vs physical connection types.

Aux: Commonly found in cars, some record players have AUX outputs allowing you to connect AUX compatible speakers to it. AUX cables combine the left and right audio fields giving you mono sound so even if you have multiple speakers, they will all play the exact same sound. AUX outputs are only really seen in cheap record players for this reason. You might also see record players with an AUX ‘INPUT’. This means you can connect music from a device like your phone that will play out of the record players speakers. This does NOT let you play your record out of your phone speakers however (or other device you use).

Can I use external speakers with a record player that has it’s own speakers built-in?


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Do I need a preamp for my turntable if I have powered speakers?

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