Best Record Players Under $300 For Bluetooth Speakers

Choosing the right record player for your home setup can feel like a daunting task, especially if you’re not a technical expert when it comes to Bluetooth and Wireless speaker systems!

Fortunately for you, we’ve taken the time to research and test the most popular record players of 2022 under $300 that are Bluetooth compatible. Take a look out our top picks by price and brand so you can purchase the perfect player for your home, or as a gift without fear.

This article contains no ‘affiliate links’ so you can trust our unbias opinions!


Best Bluetooth Record Players By Price

Best Bluetooth Record Player Under $100

The Eastwood

The Eastwood

Victrola’s Eastwood record player is our favourite budget record player under $100, especially when bought as a gift. It’s compact, brightens up a room and even has it’s own speakers built-in. This turntable has Bluetooth compatibility so you can use it with Bluetooth speakers and even your phone to play music through it’s built-in speakers!

For a budget record player, this is the perfect gift under $100!


Best Bluetooth Record Player Under $200

The Rohe Turntable

Rohe Turntable

Look at this thing! An all wood finish, retro design but modern specifications, this is a true statement piece to turn a house into a home for anyone who loves music!


Best Bluetooth Record Player Under $300

Sony PS LX310BT

Sony PS LX310BT

Our favourite modern record player under $300 by far (we loved it so much we featured it twice in this blog!). It’s slick, strong and is jam-packed with all the functionality you need to play old or new records with fantastic sound quality on home speakers, or Bluetooth speakers. It’s perfect for minimalist home setups but looks great elsewhere too.


Best Bluetooth Record Players By Brand

Best Crosley Record Player Under $300 with Bluetooth

Crosley C6

The Crosley C6 is a modern record player for fans of the analogue age! It looks fantastic, has parts similar to old fashioned players (but upgraded for the modern age) and is heavily customizable, from the cartridges to the pre-amp on the back.


Best Victrola Record Player Under $300 with Bluetooth

The Victrola Journey+

victrola briefcase player

It wouldn’t be a best-of series without us including Victrola’s infamous briefcase record players! Despite it’s limitations in technical specs and material, it is still a great entry-level record player for novices and gifts alike.

The Journey+ comes with a colour-matching record holder to complete the collection and with easy Bluetooth Speaker connectivity, we’re glad this turntable exists to get a wide range of people starting their record collecting journey!


Best Sony Record Player Under $300 with Bluetooth

Sony PS LX310BT

Sony PS LX310BT

This is possibly the slickest design in a record player we’ve ever seen! The flat and thin base coupled with a matte black aluminium tone arm gives you the feel of a record player you’ll want to cheerish for years to come. 

Sony’s classic materials make it sturdy and reliable and boasts a 3-way gain switch (-4dB, 0dB, +6dB) meaning you can play old or new records with reduced distortion and optimal quality.


Best Audio Technica Record Player Under $300 with Bluetooth

Audio-Technica LP60XBT 

Audio Technica LP60XBT

Priced under $200, this is one of our favourite modernized record players of the year! It has a slick, black finish and the latest Bluetooth technology with the upgraded aptX codec, meaning you get a smoother connection.

As one of the top record player brands out there, their cartridge is even their own make, providing great, trusted quality parts you don’t often get at this price.


Bluetooth Record Player FAQ’s

Can You Use Bluetooth Speakers With A Record Player?

Most record players built after 2015 are Bluetooth compatible but not all of them. Make sure you check the specifications before making a purchase, or our blog, which summarises every Bluetooth compatible record player for you.


How Do Bluetooth Record Players Work?

Bluetooth Record Players come in two forms – Bluetooth In and Bluetooth Out. If your record player has a Bluetooth-Out function, then it is capable of sending audio from your vinyl to a Bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth-In means your record player can pickup audio signals from a compatible device, like a smartphone, meaning it will act as a speaker for any music you play from your phone.


Does a Bluetooth Record Player Defeat The Purpose Of Using A Record Player?

Not at all! If you are hoping to listen to the full extent of your record, then Bluetooth speakers are some of the best available.  The most common reason for having a record player, is to listen to music as close to how the artist recorded it. In this case, listening to extremely poor quality Bluetooth speakers would ‘defeat the purpose’, as you would not benefit from the increased sound quality.

Of course, people have record players for all sorts of reasons, such as the look and feel of them, so it is really up to you and your personal preferences.


Are Bluetooth Record Players Any Good?

Bluetooth technology by itself isn’t a strong measure of sound quality. Some of the worst quality record players on the market are Bluetooth but the same goes for the best. When assessing the quality of a Bluetooth Record Player, it is more important to look at the specs, the build, the quality of materials and of course, the reviews! Installing a Bluetooth-Out adaptor into a record player is cheap and easy which is why many cheap record players include it as an extra feature.



We tested dozens of the most popular record players on the market that are under $300 and capable of connecting to Bluetooth speakers. From this we came up with a list of our favourite Bluetooth record players by price and by brand to help you have all the answers quickly and easily.

Bluetooth record players have been given a bad reputation for quality but this is because many of the worst quality record players have used Bluetooth technology as a gimmick to sell poor quality record players. Using Bluetooth speakers to listen to your records can be a superior and highly convenient method compared to many home speakers so we recommend looking carefully at the reviews and build before purchasing.

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